YouTuber demonstrates if Maroon 5 was metal

Adam Levine performing with Maroon 5 in 2011 (left) and Jared Dines (right).
Jared Dines exhibits what'd it be like if Maroon 5 sounded metal

YouTube guitarist and parody musician Jared Dines has just demonstrated what it would be like if Maroon 5 sounded... metal. On Tuesday (Jan. 31), he uploaded a video of himself playing Maroon 5 songs in low-pitched, high-gain, distorted guitar fashion, including the hits "This Love" and "Moves Like Jagger".

Jared Dines has done this with other groups as well including Green Day, twenty one pilots, blink 182, among numerous others. Dines is famous in the YouTube music community and has been labeled one of the most talented guitar players in the bunch. He has collaborated with several other YouTube musicians to write and perform parody music in the style of progressive metal and djent music. If you have the chance, please go check out Jared's channel here.

As if Maroon 5 didn't sound metal enough... (just kidding), here is Jared Dines' video below.


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