Maroon 5 release radio-ready, catchy new single, 'Cold'

The new Maroon 5 single, featuring Future, comes after the No. 1 single "Don't Wanna Know"

Always a top contender in today's pop music realm, Los Angeles pop rock outfit Maroon 5 have released their almost enigmatic, catchy, and tuneful new single. "Cold" is the bouncy new song, which is a collaboration between the band and Atlanta based rapper Future (known for his most recent hits "Jumpman" and "Low Life"), that follows up the group's previous hit single "Don't Wanna Know", featuring Kendrick Lamar, each rumored to appear on a new Maroon 5 album in the coming months.

"Cold" is as upbeat, radio-ready, and bouncy as "Don't Wanna Know", and echoes similar sounds heard on Maroon 5's two previous full-lengths (Overexposed and V). It has the hand-clap-then-stomp vibe as heard on "Maps", the group's 2014 top-ten hit, and the same spacy, crooning-esque singing style frontman Adam Levine presents on the band's controversial 2015 arena-inspired song "This Summer's Gonna Hurt". But is "Cold" a step forward for the band or is it a simple cash-check track released for the public to eat up?

In a recent interview Adam Levine had with Apple Music's Beats 1 program, in October, the musician, who is also ready to star as a coach on the 12th season of NBC's hit show The Voice, said about Maroon 5's future as a band: "The band loves making pop music. We're never gonna stop doing that, but at the end of the day, as long as what we are doing feels fresh and feels like something like we haven't quite done before, but stills fits in with the concept of who we are; it doesn't feel forced and doesn't feel like we're stretching too far, then to me that's how we win, like 'Oh cool, it's a little different', but it's still us, and you still know it's us."

Levine, as well as fellow band member and guitarist James Valentine, have been teasing the world about what Maroon 5's music will sound like on their highly anticipated sixth LP, which is expected to come out in 2017. Just last year, Valentine spoke to Huffington Post about the band's next project. "The last couple of records we have experimented with a lot more electronic, more dance-oriented sounds and we've talked about making a record that was maybe a little more organic, back to the Songs About Jane sort of approach, but we'll have to see."

Is "Cold" supposed to be this Songs About Jane feel Valentine claims to be saying here? Maybe "Cold" and "Don't Wanna Know" are placeholders for the impatient who really need a new Maroon 5 record. To make a record such as Maroon 5's multi-platinum, soul-funk&B album Songs About Jane, you need time, effort, and a lot of brainstorming. Maybe these two radio-ready singles are just gifts from Maroon 5 for us to feast off of until we get a real nostalgic, classic Maroon 5 comeback.

The band will be performing "Cold" (with or without the song's guest rapper Future) on The Ellen Degeneres Show later this week on Wednesday, February 15th. Check your local listings. "Cold" is currently available on digital retailers (iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play) and will also available to stream worldwide on Tuesday (Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL). The song will begin impacting top40/contemporary radio airplay on February 21st.

Stream "Cold" now on Apple Music:

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  1. Ok. The song itself is actually pretty good for what it is. I still wish I could hear more real bass guitar instead of just background bass, but the song has a cool vibe, even featuring a slight guitar screech before the final chorus. Shame that was ruined by the auto tuned mess that was Future. Still better than DWK and trending in a little bit better direction.


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