Big Boi, Adam Levine to premiere new single

Big Boi (left) and Adam Levine.

Big Boi will drop his new song with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine on Thursday

After Adam Levine began teasing his followers on social media about a possible collaboration with rapper Big Boi, by posting goofy photoshopped movie posters with Levine and Big Boi's faces on them, it has been confirmed that a new joint single will be released.

Big Boi has announced the names of two brand new singles, one of which that features a hook from the Maroon 5 frontman and is titled "Mic Jack". The other is titled "Kill Jill", which features Jeezy and Killer Mike. "Mic Jack" is set to premiere on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show on Apple Music exclusively tomorrow, Thursday, April 20th.

This will be Levine's first song as a featured artist since his 2015 joint-hit with the hip hop duo R. City, "Locked Away", topped charts and dominated the airwaves worldwide. 

The new Big Boi and Adam Levine single will premiere at 12:30p Eastern Time US on Zane Lowe's Beat 1 Radio show on Apple Music, Thursday, Apr. 20. You can stream the show here. Otherwise, "Mic Jack" will be available to stream itself and download for purchase at midnight local time Thursday night.

For now, enjoy Big Boi's 2014 remix of Maroon 5's single "Animals".

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What are Adam Levine and Big Boi up to?

Adam Levine and Big Boi seem to be having some fun with photoshop

If you follow Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine at all on social media, than you would know that on Tuesday, he had some fun uploading some hilarious movie posters with his face and rapper Big Boi's face photoshopped on other actors' heads.

For those who are unaware of who Big Boi is, he is one half of the multi-platinum hip hop duo OutKast. Big Boi has remixed one of Maroon 5's biggest hits, "Animals", in the past.

One photo Adam posted depicts his and Big Boi's heads photoshopped on the popular 1980s crime-drama TV show Miami Vice's poster.

Another shows Adam and Big Boi posing on the movie poster cover for the 1992 buddy cop action-comedy Lethal Weapon 3.

A third photo shows a badass lookin' Adam and Big Boi on the cover of the 2003 action-comedy film Bad Boys II.

What could these all mean, exactly? Could Big Boi be on the next Maroon 5 single? Maybe it's something completely unrelated, like Big Boi and Adam Levine are part of some upcoming comedy mini-series? Or maybe they're just having some fun (and love teasing everybody)!

On a similar note, Maroon 5 and Adam Levine have been uploading suspicious photos of celebrities flipping the bird to cameras over the course of the past month on their social media. This could be a node to what the band's next album or single might be titled. But nothing has been confirmed.

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Maroon 5's new album will sound 'electropop, super hyped'

Getty Images.

James Valentine gives specific insight with Lincoln Journal Star on what Maroon 5's 6th LP will sound like

The highly anticipated sixth full-length effort from Los Angeles based pop band Maroon 5 is underway, and is currently being produced as we have seen on some of the members' social media. One of the group's founding members Jesse Carmichael has shared some posts depicting himself, as well as other band mates James Valentine and Adam Levine, in the same studio playing around with instruments and making music. At the moment, however, it seems as though keyboardist PJ Morton, drummer Matt Flynn, and bass guitarist Mickey Madden have been preoccupied, not making appearances in the studio quite yet. Though it was confirmed that the band is recording with hitmaker and producer Ricky Reed, famously of the recording project Wallpaper, who have worked with artists such as Meghan Trainor ("No", "Thank You") and twenty one pilots ("Ride", "Lane Boy").

But what do Ricky Reed, Meghan Trainor, and twenty one pilots all have in common? Upbeat, techy-super hyped electropop music, which is near exactly what Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine told Lincoln Journal Star what the next LP will sound like.

After being asked if the new Maroon 5 album will be in the same vein as the band's 2014 No. 1 hit album, V, Valentine responded with "yes, it's in the electropop, super hyped sort of category." Valentine was giving an interview about his visit back to his hometown, Lincoln, Nebraska, and his time playing with the town's Lincoln Jazz Orchestra. "I don’t get the opportunity to do this stuff very often," James told writer L. Kent Wolgamott. "This is originally what I wanted to do. It’s such a cool organization that’s been around since I was a kid. It was really important to my development as a musician. ... During those days, I thought I’d be a jazz musician. Things went in a different way."

Maroon 5's next album does not have a specific release date at the moment. The band is currently being supported by their current top-forty radio single "Cold", featuring rapper Future, which was released in February. The band's frontman Adam Levine told Ellen Degeneres on her talk show, back in February, that the album would come out in "like, in a few months". It's very possible we might be getting another summer release, similar to the band's past two albums Overexposed (June 2012) and V (September 2014).

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Adam Levine to host celebrity golf show

Credit to The Haney Project.

The Maroon 5 frontman will host his own online celebrity golf show next year

According to TMZ, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine will be hosting his very own online celebrity golf show, tentatively titled Teeing Off With Adam Levine.

Levine recently signed a contract with TopGolf Entertainment to begin work on the new show. Production for the golf-themed show is set to take place in the coming months and will more than likely launch in early 2018. The show will feature "Levine hitting balls with some of his famous pals." 

It is no secret golf is one of Adam Levine's favorite sports of all time. He was featured on the famous golf television series The Haney Project where Levine went on and golfed, spokeabout his passion for the sport, and revealed that he wants to be "the Johnny Cash of golf" one day. He's also posted numerous videos and photos of himself playing golf on his social media, most popularly on Instagram. And when he's not showing off his golf skills, he's showing off his basketball skills.

A post shared by Adam Levine (@adamlevine) on

In other recent news, Adam Levine will be starring in the upcoming American comedy film, The Clapper, which was directed by Dito Montiel (yes, the guy who directed the new Shia Labeouf movie that sold $8 in first-week box office sales). The movie is set to have its big premiere in April at this year's annual Tribeca Film Festival and will more than likely hit theaters in late 2017. Alongside Levine, the film will also star Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried, Russell Peters, and the late Alan Thicke.


10 Kara's Flowers songs you need to hear

Photo by Frank Micelotta.

These early Kara's Flowers songs that pre-date 1999 are most worthy of hearing

Before becoming one of today's hottest, best-selling, greatest pop bands in modern music, three-fourths of Maroon 5 as we know today were making grunge-inspired power pop songs whether if it was with world renowned rock producer Rob Cavallo or by themselves in their parents' homes in Los Angeles. Maroon 5 ideally began in 2001 with the creation of Songs About Jane coming out the following year to critical success and producing the hits "This Love" and "She Will Be Love" thereafter. The band toured endlessly for four years before further extending their ever-succeeding career. Prior to 2001 though, Maroon 5 were not so famously known for being Kara's Flowers, a four piece rock band consisting of a young Adam Levine, Michael Madden, Jesse Carmichael, and Ryan Dusick. Bass guitarist Mickey Madden and lead vocalist Adam Levine have both for the most part kept their stances in the band overtime while Ryan Dusick stayed in Maroon 5 for one album cycle until his departure in 2006 and Carmichael transferred from being the group's lead guitarist, to keyboardist in Maroon 5 and later becoming backing guitarist on tour. Kara's Flowers debuted in 1994 with their independent grunge-fringed full-length ...We Like Digging?, which to this day the band has almost entirely erased out of their heads. In 1997, the band continued creating music, this time taking on sounds similar to that of Weezer and Soundgarden, and releasing their commercial debut The Fourth World, on Reprise Records. It wasn't soon, however until the album was met with poor reception which ultimately lead to the band's fallout with Reprise and eventual break up. The group plunged forward with a last-chance staggering full-length, the aptly titled Stagg Street Recordings, which consists of songs that were never officially released due to their fallout with their label. 

To celebrate the very early years of Maroon 5, here are 10 of the most bizarre, wicked, and amazing Kara's Flowers songs that you need to hear today.

"Not Falling Apart", from the album Stagg Street Recordings (1999)

Kara's Flowers took on the sounds of Hawaiian-inspired reggae and beach music with this familiarly titled track, "Not Falling Apart". The song is part of the unofficially released compilation album Stagg Street Recordings, which as noted above, was composed during a rough time between label swaps as an independent band. The band would later borrow the title of this short tune and use it for a song on Maroon 5's No. 1 second album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007). Don't be confused or shocked when you realize the two do not sound alike whatsoever.

"Locked Up", from the playlist The Transition Era (2000)

Sooo, yeah, this is that song. Whether you know it as "Locked Up" or as "Pleasure Fucker", this particular song is definitely a stand-out when it comes to the pre-Maroon 5 era due to its vulgar lyricism. Apparently this song was part of an online playlist released by a party close to Kara's Flowers titled The Transition Era, which consists of a bunch of songs that would later become Maroon 5 b-sides or international releases, such as the song "My Heart Won't Be Your Ragdoll Anymore", later released as "Ragdoll" from Songs About Jane, "Chilly Winter" which was officially released in 2012 on the Songs About Jane 10 Year Anniversary Edition CD, among others. "Locked Up", however, never received an official release yet was leaked on the web in early-to-mid 2007 around the time It Won't Be Soon Before Long hit the shelves.

"Myself", from the album The Fourth World (1997)

One of the greats from Kara's Flowers commercial debut album, The Fourth World, "Myself" is masterful, memorable, and wonky as all hell. The song's verses are slow and starched until you hit the chorus which is almost a completely different song that explodes energetically. The song also has some mad bass parts as well as some amazing guitar riffs and an amazing solo from Levine during the bridge of the track.

"Simple Kind of Lovely", form the album Stagg Street Recordings

Another cut from the Stagg Street Recordings, Kara's Flowers offered this beautiful jam "Simple Kind of Lovely". The song was released internationally on a special edition of Maroon 5's Songs About Jane, however was recorded while the band was still in its Kara's Flowers stage. This song delivers some great storytelling and makes you feel some sort of nostalgia.

"Buddy Two Shoes Wilson", from the album The Fourth World B-Sides (1997)

Not long after Kara's Flowers' debut album The Fourth World was delivered with not-so-good reception, the group released a compilation of b-sides from the recording sessions for the album. One of those songs was the bonus track "Buddy Two Shoes Wilson", which is an odd one to say the least. But, I love it for its diversity and how the song goes from sounding like a 1950s bouncy rock and roll song to a full-fledged power pop rock out jam.

"The Never Saga", from the album The Fourth World (1997)

Sounding like something straight out of a 1990s sitcom, "The Never Saga" is a power pop sensation that bursts with explosive guitars and drums and never settles down. The song features an impressive orchestra as well, which was composed by the wonderful David Campbell.

"Stable", from the album ...We Like Digging? (1994)

They were just kids. Kids who loved Nirvana. "Stable" is one of the most insane and weird things to come out of the Kara's Flowers-era, specially because of Levine's gritty vocals and Carmichael's intense chugging. We Like Digging? is composed with all kinds of strange, featuring grimy vocals and sludgy bass riffs.

"The Fog", from the album Stagg Street Recordings (1999)

Once upon a time, the lead singer of Kara's Flowers was the producer's assistant for the television show Judging Amy. That lead singer got the show's producers to feature a Kara's Flowers track on an episode and that song was "The Fog". Good songwriting is heard here as Levine tells a bluesy tale of losing his mind over boredom and the chaos of being a teen.

"The Kid with the Velvet Eyes", from the album Stagg Street Recordings (1999)

"The Kid With Velvet Eyes" was Kara's Flowers' take on making a straight up psychedelic rock song, and it turned out awesome. Very bluesy and calm, the song takes you through a five-minute ride that will remind you of Pink Floyd's early material.

"Loving the Small Time", from the album The Fourth World (1997)

A pop punk version of Maroon 5? Hell yes! "Loving the Small Time" is arguably Kara's Flowers' most pop punk and fast-paced tune in their entire discography.

What's your favorite Kara's Flowers song? Let us know!

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8 albums to listen to if you love 'Songs About Jane'

Songs About Jane proves to be one of the best R&B-rock crossover albums of the 2000s

When you ask a Maroon 5 fan what their favorite Maroon 5 song is, their response will most likely be "Sunday Morning" or "She Will Be Loved". What do those two songs have in common? They're both from the band's debut album Songs About Jane, an album that solidified the band's career and did so by the eclectic mixture of genres, such as the brilliant blue-eyed soul on the songs "Sunday Morning", "Secret", and "She Will Be Loved", the hard-funk elements on "Harder to Breathe" and "Through With You", and the pop standouts "This Love" and "Sweetest Goodbye". The albums is arguably a one-of-a-kind and there were not a lot of albums like it in the last 20 years. However, there have been at least a few albums that are up Songs About Jane's alley and are (almost) as pleasing.

Somedays you just want to jam out to Maroon 5's incredible early work and not have to listen to the more dance-poppy stuff from the last few records, and listening to Songs About Jane over again and again isn't helping your satisfaction as their is only so much material. So, here is a list of amazing SAJ-esque albums that you will for sure enjoy.

Something to Be, Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas stepped outside his comfort zone writing for himself after taking a break from his alt rock band Matchbox Twenty when he recorded his debut solo effort Something to Be, which was released in 2005 to positive acclaim. It was a No. 1 albums for a week on the Billboard charts and contains the pop rock anthems "Lonely No More" and "Ever the Same". The album's opening track, "This Is How a Heart Breaks" echoes the same funk-rock tones heard in Songs About Jane's opening track "Harder to Breathe", with aggressive lyrics and awesome riffage. "Ever the Same" sparks similarities to "The Sun" and "Must Get Out" and Thomas' "Streetcorner Symphony" is the sister-track to Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning", without a doubt.

Best track: "Streetcorner Symphony"

Waiting for My Rocket to Come, Jason Mraz

A more sonically-freeing album than Songs About Jane, Jason Mraz's debut effort Waiting for My Rocket to Come is definitely one of the best pop rock jams of the 2000s. The album was released literally months after SAJ and both were critically acclaimed for similar reasons. Mraz's hit "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" attests to Maroon 5's hit "This Love" and its extreme bright-spirited and feel-good funkiness. The album's fifth track "Curbside Prophet" reflects similar sounds as heard in "The Sun", with the step-by-step, head bobbing lyrical rhythm. If you like fast-spoken lyrics and acoustic guitars along with your daily cup of Songs About Jane, then you'd love this record.

Best track: "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)"

Dreaming Out Loud, OneRepublic

Although different in a certain nature, OneRepublic's 2007 debut album Dreaming Out Loud has very similar vocal styles from lead vocalist Ryan Tedder and guitar licks as Songs About Jane. Both albums were very much inspired by the 90s works of Timbaland and other R&B-hip hop anthems from that decade. The disco-like guitars in "Say (All I Need)" will meet your expectations, further exceeding them, with its similar "This Love" guitar work. "Stop and Stare" attests more towards Maroon 5's 2007 era, however still has Songs About Jane moments. Tedder would later go on to work with Maroon 5 on their recent albums and create the hits "Love Somebody" and "Maps" in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Best track: "Say (All I Need)"

Chariot, Gavin DeGraw

Another stand-out pop rock album from the early 2000s is Gavin DeGraw's debut Chariot, which hit shelves in July 2004 with praise. You cannot deny that Gavin and Adam Levine's vocals are similar in nature and both are very pleasing to the ear. Their story telling are also almost indistinguishable at times. Chariot has more piano-pop breakout moments similar to some cuts off of Songs About Jane. Gavin's debut hit "I Don't Wanna Be" easily demonstrates equivalent elements of unabashed funk rock heard in "This Love" and even "Tangled".

Best track: "Chariot"

For Me, It's You, Train

For Me, It's You is possibly Train's most alternative-driven albums, taking less of a roots rock approach and more of a funk-esque pop rock sound. The band also took on a more singer-songwriter approach and draws similarities to Songs About Jane's "She Will Be Loved" and "Secret".

Best track: "Cab"

The Script, The Script

Perhaps one of the most similar-sounding albums on the list, the 2008 self-titled debut album from Irish pop rock outfit The Script draws comparisons to Songs About Jane in more ways than one. First off, the album's flow is similar, starting with agressive tracks such as "Before the Worst" and "Talk You Down", and leading up to the fourth track which is more vulnerably-composed, "The Man That Can't Be Moved". The albums concludes with a cheeky-titled "If You See Kay" and a dreamy-acoustic guitar ballad titled "I'm Yours", similar to "Not Coming Home" and "Sweetest Goodbye", respectively.

Best track: "The Man Who Can't Be Moved"

How to Save a Life, The Fray

How to Save a Life was monumental for its time. The Fray definitely brought something incredible to the table with their big-shot debut and brought a similar alt rock value that Songs About Jane did. "Look After You" is a dreamy-pop rock power ballad that is an infectious earworm just as much as it is a lyrical beauty, akin to Maroon 5's "Must Get Out".

Best track: "Look After You"

Andy Grammer, Andy Grammer

A blue-eyed soul rollercoaster, Andy Grammer by Andy Grammer is a bop. Matt Wallace, who co-produced Songs About Jane, produced the entire album and helped bring back that familiar poppy rock sound we miss in SAJ.

Best track: "Fine By Me", "You Should Know Better"

What other albums do you love that are similar to Maroon 5' Songs About Jane? Share with us!

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Maroon 5 officially recording brand new album

Maroon 5 in 2016. Photo by Travis Schneider.
Maroon 5 are recording their V follow-up with super-cool producer Ricky Reed

It is official. After a year of teasing and dancing around the subject, Maroon 5 have confirmed that they are in the studio recording their upcoming sixth LP, the follow-up to their successful No. 1 album V, in Los Angeles.

Not only are Maroon 5 recording new material but they brought along producer Ricky Reed to handle co-songwriting and production. Reed is mostly famous for producing under the alias Wallpaper, whom he works with a group of other songwriters in the pop music industry. Reed has produced records with Robin Thicke, Meghan Trainor, 5 Seconds of Summer, Phantogram, R. City (hey, we know those guys), and twenty one pilots, just to name a select few.

Maroon 5 are currently stationed at Conway Recording Studios in downtown Hollywood, Los Angeles, where they have spent a lot of time recording their past two studio efforts, Overexposed (2012) and V (2014). Their latest hit single, "Cold", featuring rapper Future, and their 2016 top-ten hit "Don't Wanna Know", featuring Kendrick Lamar, are planned to make landings on the sixth album's track listing, however that has not been confirmed.

In an interview with Apple Music last year, Levine said about the band's upcoming album, "We have a bunch of great songs and I think this is the best collection of songs [Maroon 5] has done. We're really just so pumped about the quality of what we're doing. It'll be a little different, I think there's a slightly darker side. You'll just have to hear it to just understand what I mean."

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Maroon 5 announce 3 new concerts

Maroon 5 performing in 2016. Photo from Live Nation.
Maroon 5 will tour to Punta Cana, Panama City, and Guatemala this September

Maroon 5 have revealed three brand new concerts that will take place this September, which were announced early Thursday evening (March 23).

The band will be performing at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana on September 9th, at Estadio Nacional Rod Carew in Panama City, Panama on September 12th, and at Estadio Cementos Progresos in Guatemala City, Guatemala on September 21st.

Whether or not these are the first three of numerous other tour dates to be announced internationally is unknown. Support for the shows have been announced yet either. These shows will be the first three Maroon 5 concerts after the band just ended their two and half year long world tour in support of their album, V (2014).

Maroon 5 is also set to perform at Rock N Rio in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on September 16th. The music festival will also feature other monster appearances from musical acts such as Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, among others.

Tickets for Punta Cana: http://ow.ly/EDuP30acVBD
Tickets for Panama City: http://ow.ly/KWxr30acVEk
Tickets for Rock N Rio: http://ow.ly/ivlF30acVH0
Tickets for Guatemala City: http://ow.ly/AUm330acVIz

For more ticket information and tour dates, visit www.maroon5.com/tour!


Maroon 5 give electric performance of new single 'Cold' on 'Tonight Show'

Maroon 5 performing "Cold" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Maroon 5 bring their new hit "Cold" to NBC's The Tonight Show

Multi-Grammy Award-winning band Maroon 5, according to Jimmy Fallon, brought their brand new single, "Cold", to the studio at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday evening (March 14), and it was electrifying.

Frontman Adam Levine also appeared on the show to sit down and talk with Jimmy Fallon about The Voice, his constant on-screen beef with fellow coach Blake Shelton, and gave some exciting news about Maroon 5's next record and touring schedule. "I've been on tour for my whole entire life", Levine jokes. Fallon then asks the singer if the new Maroon 5 record is "being mixed or mastered", and Levine responds: "I wish that was where we were. It's almost there. We're actually still recording, but we'll be done really soon and then a tour next year, mid-to-late next year. Next fall."

The highly anticipated sixth full-length LP from Maroon 5 sounds like it will be out either late this year, or in early 2018. The band's two recent radio singles, "Don't Wanna Know" and "Cold", are stand-alone singles and have not been confirmed to be on the next album. The album will follow-up Maroon 5's 2014 studio effort, V, which was reissued the following year with the support of their single "This Summer's Gonna Hurt". The L.A.-bred group just concluded their world tour last week in New York and will be playing multiple festivals this year including New Orleans Jazz Festival and BottleRock Napa Valley Music Fest. For more tour dates and festival tickets, click here.

Watch Maroon 5 perform "Cold" on The Tonight Show:


PJ Morton announces new solo album, 'Gumbo'

Photo by Travis Schneider.
GUMBO will follow-up the Maroon 5 keyboardist's 2013 album New Orleans

Maroon 5 keyboardist, singer, songwriter, and Morton Recordings owner PJ Morton is finally releasing a new solo album this spring, titled GUMBO. The album is set to be released on April 21st, 2017 through his label.

In an interview with music, gossip, and culture website Saint Heron, Morton spoke about his new single, "Claustrophobic", and the details about his new record GUMBO. "Of course, it's a New Orleans reference. It’s something that represents the city," said Morton after being asked about the album's title. "Prior to this, all of my music has been about love and relationships. I LOVE love, but this time around I address the climate of the world right now. I discuss how divided America is, the racial tension, and then there is “Claustrophobic,” which touches on creative freedom. I also talk about my religion on the album. I thought it was a pot of gumbo because I was mixing a bunch of things together."

GUMBO is set to be released Friday, April 21st through Morton Recordings.

You can stream and listen to PJ Morton's new single "Claustrophobic", featuring Pell, now available on Apple Music!

Listen to it here:


Maroon 5, Adam Levine confirmed to appear on 'The Tonight Show'

Photo by Andrew Lipovsky.
Levine and Maroon 5 will be making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It has been confirmed through the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) that pop rock band Maroon 5 will be performing and lead singer Adam Levine will be making an interview appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this month on Tuesday, March 14th.

The band will be performing their new single, "Cold" featuring rapper Future, which was released nearly a month ago to radio airplay and digital retailers. Lead singer and The Voice coach Adam Levine will also be talking with Jimmy Fallon in an interview segment speaking about his show, touring, and getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Levine may give us some insight on the new Maroon 5 album.

Maroon 5 will conclude their U.S. headlining tour tonight at the Key Center Arena in Buffalo, New York. The band embarked on a short string of arena shows early this year to make up for cancelled show from last year's world tour. Tinashe and R. City toured as support. They will be performing at a number of music festivals this year as well, including the New Orleans Jazz Festival in April, BottleRock Napa Valley Festival in May, and Pendleton Whiskey Music Festival in July.

To see the full list of tour dates and ticket information, visit www.maroon5.com/tour.

You can download and stream Maroon 5's new single "Cold", featuring Future, now available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play!


Maroon 5 win 4th award at South Korea award show

Via Rolling Stone.
Maroon 5 win their fourth Gaon Chart Music Award for their single "Don't Wanna Know"

If you have not heard of the South Korean based music awards show Gaon Chart Music Awards, it's okay, we haven't either. The Gaon Chart Music Awards, also known as the K-Pop Music Awards, is important because it is equivalent to the Billboard Music Awards here in the United States. The show awards artists, locally or internationally renown, by their success on the Gaon Music Charts, a chart based in South Korea.

Maroon 5 just recently won the award for International Song Of the Year, for their 2016 hit single "Don't Wanna Know", featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar. This is the Los Angeles-based band's fourth non-consecutive win at the award show. They have won the same category three other times. The band won for "Moves Like Jagger", featuring Christina Aguilera, in 2011, "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, in 2012, and for "Maps" in 2014. Two other international artists have won this category before on the Gaon Chart Music Awards, being Adele ("Hello in 2015) and DJ Bad Gollum ("The Bad Touch" in 2013).

Congratulations to Maroon 5 on their big win overseas in South Korea!

The band recently released their new single, "Cold", featuring Future, which is now available to stream and purchase everywhere. Maroon 5 is also currently on tour in North America in support for their latest album V, which you can see full dates and ticket information here.

Watch the video for "Don't Wanna Know" below:


Maroon 5's 'Cold' makes debut on Billboard charts

Maroon 5's current hit "Cold" has now impacted the Billboard charts 

Maroon 5's latest hit single "Cold", featuring Atlanta rapper Future, has stormed the Billboard charts in the U.S. for the first time this week since its massive release earlier this month.

"Cold", produced by John Ryan, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin, and co-written between Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Semi Precious Weapons lead singer Justin Tranter, made its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 this week, debuting at No. 42. "Cold" also debuted at No. 23 on both the Adult Top 40 Songs chart and Mainstream Top 40 Songs charts.

Internationally, "Cold" debuted at No. 67 on the Canadian Hot 100, No. 36 in Scotland, and at No. 109 in France.

"Cold" is a follow-up the Maroon 5 single "Don't Wanna Know", featuring Kendrick Lamar, which was released last fall in October, and has performed really well on the charts. It has peaked in the top-ten in approximately 23 countries and has peaked at No. 1 in six.

In a recent interview on the famous Ellen Degeneres Show, Adam Levine sat down with Ellen to talk about Maroon 5's forthcoming studio album, the follow-up to the band's fifth album, V, which dropped in 2014. "[The album is coming out] like in a few months," semi-jokingly said Levine. "I don't know exactly when so I'm going to be as vague as possible." No set date or album title have been confirmed either.

Despite performing moderately on the Billboard charts this week, "Cold" has been climbing up the trending charts online since its music video debuted last week. The video for the song has since skyrocketed to 15 million views on Vevo and is on its way to becoming the most-viewed music video of 2017, thus far.

You can purchase "Cold" on iTunes StoreGoogle Play, and Amazon. Watch the music video for "Cold" now available on Vevo.

Watch the video for "Cold" below:

Watch Maroon 5 perform 'Cold' for the first time on tour

Maroon 5 performing in Seattle in 2016.
Maroon 5 debut "Cold" at Milwaukee tour kick-off concert

Maroon 5 just embarked on their small string of North American tour dates for 2017 this week at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee on Monday evening. The tour is composed of ten tour dates postponed from the group's world tour last year due to frontman Adam Levine's wife Behati Prinsloo having a child.

The tour will carry throughout March and visit cities including Quebec, Rochester, and New Orleans. You can view the full list of tour dates and ticket information here. Supporting acts for the tour currently include main support from alt-R&B singer Tinashe (of "2 On" fame) and R. City, who released the No. 1 Pop single "Locked Away", featuring Maroon 5's Adam Levine, in 2015.

Maroon 5 just recently premiered their new single "Cold", featuring rapper Future, earlier this month, accompanied with its trippy music video. The band is performing the new song on tour and debuted it in Milwaukee at Monday evening's concert.

You can purchase "Cold" on iTunes Store, Google Play, and Amazon. Watch the music video for "Cold" now available on Vevo.

Watch the performance below:


Adam Levine on 'The Voice' rumors: "I'm pretty sure that's all nonsense"

Adam Levine performing with Maroon 5 at the AMAs in 2016.
Adam Levine speaks about Maroon 5's "Cold", new music, and his future with The Voice

Adam Levine called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to speak about Maroon 5's brand new single, "Cold", featuring rapper Future, and it's hype. Levine also was asked about new music, his daughter Dusty Rose, his Hollywood Walk Of Fame success, and his future as a coach on NBC's The Voice.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to say," says Adam Levine after being asked by Ryan Seacrest if The Voice coach of twelve seasons will be leaving after this coming year. "But at the end of the day, I am pretty sure that it's all nonsense," he continues.

Recent news of FOX's now-defunct reality show American Idol has surfaced that the show will be making a revival in the coming years, but this time on NBC, who is home to The Voice. It is possible Levine, among other coaches and producers for The Voice, may be leaving after 2017's final season this fall.

Maroon 5 just released their brand new single, "Cold", featuring rapper Future, along with its music video which just premiered earlier this week. You can view the video here.

You can listen to Adam Levine's interview from On Air With Ryan Seacrest here:


Maroon 5 release radio-ready, catchy new single, 'Cold'

The new Maroon 5 single, featuring Future, comes after the No. 1 single "Don't Wanna Know"

Always a top contender in today's pop music realm, Los Angeles pop rock outfit Maroon 5 have released their almost enigmatic, catchy, and tuneful new single. "Cold" is the bouncy new song, which is a collaboration between the band and Atlanta based rapper Future (known for his most recent hits "Jumpman" and "Low Life"), that follows up the group's previous hit single "Don't Wanna Know", featuring Kendrick Lamar, each rumored to appear on a new Maroon 5 album in the coming months.

"Cold" is as upbeat, radio-ready, and bouncy as "Don't Wanna Know", and echoes similar sounds heard on Maroon 5's two previous full-lengths (Overexposed and V). It has the hand-clap-then-stomp vibe as heard on "Maps", the group's 2014 top-ten hit, and the same spacy, crooning-esque singing style frontman Adam Levine presents on the band's controversial 2015 arena-inspired song "This Summer's Gonna Hurt". But is "Cold" a step forward for the band or is it a simple cash-check track released for the public to eat up?

In a recent interview Adam Levine had with Apple Music's Beats 1 program, in October, the musician, who is also ready to star as a coach on the 12th season of NBC's hit show The Voice, said about Maroon 5's future as a band: "The band loves making pop music. We're never gonna stop doing that, but at the end of the day, as long as what we are doing feels fresh and feels like something like we haven't quite done before, but stills fits in with the concept of who we are; it doesn't feel forced and doesn't feel like we're stretching too far, then to me that's how we win, like 'Oh cool, it's a little different', but it's still us, and you still know it's us."

Levine, as well as fellow band member and guitarist James Valentine, have been teasing the world about what Maroon 5's music will sound like on their highly anticipated sixth LP, which is expected to come out in 2017. Just last year, Valentine spoke to Huffington Post about the band's next project. "The last couple of records we have experimented with a lot more electronic, more dance-oriented sounds and we've talked about making a record that was maybe a little more organic, back to the Songs About Jane sort of approach, but we'll have to see."

Is "Cold" supposed to be this Songs About Jane feel Valentine claims to be saying here? Maybe "Cold" and "Don't Wanna Know" are placeholders for the impatient who really need a new Maroon 5 record. To make a record such as Maroon 5's multi-platinum, soul-funk&B album Songs About Jane, you need time, effort, and a lot of brainstorming. Maybe these two radio-ready singles are just gifts from Maroon 5 for us to feast off of until we get a real nostalgic, classic Maroon 5 comeback.

The band will be performing "Cold" (with or without the song's guest rapper Future) on The Ellen Degeneres Show later this week on Wednesday, February 15th. Check your local listings. "Cold" is currently available on digital retailers (iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play) and will also available to stream worldwide on Tuesday (Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL). The song will begin impacting top40/contemporary radio airplay on February 21st.

Stream "Cold" now on Apple Music:

YouTube stream:


Adam Levine on new album: 'There's a slightly darker side'

Adam Levine performing with Maroon 5 in 2015. Photo by Travis Schneider.
The Maroon 5 frontman talks about his the group's sixth LP

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine spoke with Beats 1, a radio station completely powered by online music streaming service Apple Music, about the process and sound of the group's upcoming sixth full-length studio album. He speaks about its direction, how it pushes the boundaries and is more powerful than previous releases, and how the pressure is on when creating new music for fans.

In the interview, which is now streaming worldwide on Apple Music and other media, Levine first speaks about how the stakes get higher and how the pressure is on when continuing his legacy in Maroon 5 and creating new material. "I mean, I just don't ever want to repeat myself anymore," said Levine talking about how he doesn't want to keep writing and making the same song over and over again. He continues, "You're kind of damned if you do, because you can't make everybody happy, so as long as you accept the fact that you can't make everybody happy, you can push yourself to do something different every time. I love pop music. The band loves making pop music. We're never gonna stop doing that, but at the end of the day, as long as what we are doing feels fresh and feels like something like we haven't quite done before, but stills fits in with the concept of who we are; it doesn't feel forced and doesn't feel like we're stretching too far, then to me that's how we win, like 'Oh cool, it's a little different', but it's still us, and you still know it's us."

After being asked about the current state of Maroon 5's sixth LP and how the process of new music is going, Levine replies "We have a bunch of great songs and I think this is the best collection of songs. We're really just so pumped about the quality of what we're doing. It'll be a little different, I think there's a slightly darker side. You'll just have to hear it to just understand what I mean."

Levine also talks about co-writing and collaborating with other artists to create Maroon 5 songs, specially in recent releases (Overexposed, V), and how the band has gone back to limiting who is working in the creative process.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Maroon 5 will be releasing another stand-alone single, titled "Cold", which is a collaboration with Atlanta-based rapper Future, on Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14th. The band will be performing the new song live on The Ellen Degeneres Show the following day, Wednesday, February 15th. A music video for the song was filmed in December of last year and is scheduled to premiere on Vevo in the coming weeks.

"Cold" will follow-up Maroon 5's 2016 stand-alone single "Don't Wanna Know", which was a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. It is believed that "Don't Wanna Know" and "Cold" will be featured on the band's upcoming sixth studio album, but as bonus tracks. The band has been teasing the music video "Cold" on social media by posting photos taken behind-the-scenes of young, attractive women in animal-head masks.

Are you excited for a new Maroon 5 album? Let us know!

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Adam Levine receives star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Levine's star becomes the 2,601st person to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Maroon 5 frontman, The Voice coach, and television and motion picture actor and producer Adam Levine has been recognized for his role in pop culture on Friday, February 10th. Levine received his very own star on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in downtown Hollywood, Los Angeles, and in celebration of the occurrence, an event with celebrity attendees and guest speakers and appearances were held at the star today.

Guest speakers at Levine's ceremonial event included Sammy Hagar, also known as "The Red Rocker", lead singer of Van Halen, and country singer and The Voice coach Blake Shelton. Other appearances included his wife, Behati Prinsloo, and newborn child Dusty Rose Levine, fellow coach Gwen Stefani, his brother Michael Levine, mother, father, and his fellow band members Jesse Carmichael, James Valentine, Mickey Madden, music colleague and friend Sam Farrar, and former Maroon 5 percussionist Ryan Dusick.

Following the ceremony, Levine posed for photos with his family and friends. A live stream of the event streamed exclusively by Variety on YouTube.

His star becomes the 2,601st star to appear on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Levine and the Walk of Fame both become worldwide trends on Twitter and Facebook.

In the words of Blake Shelton, no one is more "shocked and proud" to see Adam Levine have his star shown on the Walk of Fame.

Congratulations, Mr. Levine.

You can watch the entire live-stream of the Walk of Fame celebration event below. Skip to 28:00 on the video.


Maroon 5 will perform 'Cold' on 'Ellen'

Maroon 5 performing live in 2015.
Maroon 5 will return to Ellen to perform their new Future-assisted single

UPDATE: 11:54a.m., 2/10/2016:

It has been confirmed that Maroon 5 will release "Cold", featuring Future, a day ahead of the TV performance on Ellen, on Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14th at midnight EST.


On the brink of the news that Maroon 5 will be dropping some new stuff soon, the band has just been announced by Warner Bros. Domestic that they will be performing their brand new single on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, February 15th.

Upon the schedule reveal, it was also confirmed that frontman Adam Levine will be interviewed on the show prior to the group's performance, talking about the 12th season of The Voice, his family, and new Maroon 5 music. Maroon 5 will be performing their new single, "Cold", which originally will feature Atlanta rapper Future. Whether or not Future will be attending the television performance or not is unknown.

It was revealed earlier this week by numerous radio stations and media outlets that Maroon 5 will be releasing their new single "Cold", featuring Future, on Friday, February 17th for digital delivery and on February 21st for radio airplay (contemporary/top 40/AC-40). A music video for the single was filmed in December of last year, which stars Levine and Future, as well as fitness guru Kerstin Schulze, and is set to premiere in the coming weeks.

The band keep teasing the "Cold" MV with behind-the-scenes photos of women in animal-head masks on social media. The single art cover for "Cold" was also revealed earlier this week.

Are you excited for "Cold"?

Watch Maroon 5 perform their current single "Don't Wanna Know" on Ellen:

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Maroon 5 to release 'urban'-inspired 'Cold' single in February

The band will be teasing a new song and video in the coming weeks

UPDATE: 11:54a.m. CT, 2/10/16:

It has now been revealed that Maroon 5 will release their new single, "Cold", featuring Future, a day ahead of their TV performance on Ellen, on Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day at midnight EST.

UPDATE: 9:20p.m. CT, 2/07/16

It has been confirmed that Maroon 5 will be releasing a new single, "Cold", featuring rapper Future, on February 17th to digital retailers (iTunes, Google Play, ect.) and on February 21st for contemporary and top 40 radio airplay in the U.S. A music video is expected to premiere on Vevo the same week. "Cold" will follow-up the band's 2016 Billboard Pop Songs No. 1 single "Don't Wanna Know", featuring Kendrick Lamar, and will serve as a stand-alone single.

ORIGINAL POST: 3:16p.m. CT, 2/07/16

Maroon 5 will be releasing a new single this month, according to reports from multiple radio and label sources. Earlier this week, Hip Hop 'N More and radio personality Sean Ross have revealed that the new single, currently titled "Cold", and allegedly featuring rapper Future, will be seeing a February 21st release this month.

Speculation of a new Maroon 5 song titled "Cold" first surfaced in December of last year. It was first reported that a music video was being filmed, starring fitness guru and music video producer Kerstin Schulze, in downtown Los Angeles. Schulze, who posted on Twitter but later took it down on Instagram of herself and Adam Levine on the set, said about the shoot "It was such as pleasure to work with [Adam Levine] on his new Maroon 5 music video 'Cold'." The post continued to read "he is an athlete himself and we shared knowledge on training and what it takes to be mentally and physically fit."

Images and behind the scenes video footage leaked onto the Internet the following day by film maker and producer Danny Boy who shared a photo of him and Levine on the set of the alleged music video. Danny Boy also said in one of his Instagram post descriptions that rapper Future was to be apart of the project.

A fan account collected online media of behind-the-scenes footage of the music video shoot. In the 15-second music video, you are able to hear the blaring bass and urban-inspired sounds of the song whilst Levine crooning "I don't understand why you're so cold". You can check out the video posted below.

Now, more assuring news from more professional sources have surfaced on Monday (Feb. 6). One radio personality, Sean Ross, who is a radio programmer and newsletter editor, reported Monday that Maroon 5's new single "Cold" is set to be released on February 21st. His tweet confirms "Label add date for @maroon5 "Cold" Feb. 21, which usually means release about Feb. 17."

Maroon 5 also have been tweeting photos from behind-the-scenes of the "Cold" music video. You can check one of the photos out below.

So, could this finally be what all the excitement was about? Are we finally getting this "Cold" song and music video? More details to come in the coming days.

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YouTuber demonstrates if Maroon 5 was metal

Adam Levine performing with Maroon 5 in 2011 (left) and Jared Dines (right).
Jared Dines exhibits what'd it be like if Maroon 5 sounded metal

YouTube guitarist and parody musician Jared Dines has just demonstrated what it would be like if Maroon 5 sounded... metal. On Tuesday (Jan. 31), he uploaded a video of himself playing Maroon 5 songs in low-pitched, high-gain, distorted guitar fashion, including the hits "This Love" and "Moves Like Jagger".

Jared Dines has done this with other groups as well including Green Day, twenty one pilots, blink 182, among numerous others. Dines is famous in the YouTube music community and has been labeled one of the most talented guitar players in the bunch. He has collaborated with several other YouTube musicians to write and perform parody music in the style of progressive metal and djent music. If you have the chance, please go check out Jared's channel here.

As if Maroon 5 didn't sound metal enough... (just kidding), here is Jared Dines' video below.


John Legend to advise Team Adam on 'The Voice' 12

R&B musician John Legend to advise Adam Levine's team on season 12 of The Voice

In approximately one month, reality show The Voice will return with its anticipated 12th season on NBC, after a successful and exhilarating six straight years. Earlier this week, on Friday (Jan. 27th), it was officially revealed that coach Adam Levine had appointed R&B/soul singer-songwriter John Legend as his team's key advisor for the season following the blind auditions.

On every season of The Voice, following the blind auditions, coaches will pick and choose which of their contestants go up and perform a sing-off against each other, called the Battle Rounds. Every Battle Rounds, each coach appoints a key advisor for their team to co-pilot the job of coaching. In seasons past, Levine has recruited rock star Sammy Hagar, Internet pop singer Tori Kelly, U.K. singer Ellie Goulding, Fleetwood Mac musician Stevie Wonder, among many others as team advisors.

NBC's The Voice will return with its 12th season on Monday, February 27th at 8:00/7:00p.m. CPT. It will then air every Monday and Tuesday thereafter. Who's excited?


Maroon 5 to evolve on new 'R&B-influenced' album

Adam Levine photographed by L.A. Times in 2016.
Lead vocalist Adam Levine reveals to radio show that Maroon 5 is making R&B-influenced music

While on a family vacation in Mexico, Maroon 5 lead vocalist and The Voice coach Adam Levine called in to radio station 94.7 Fresh-FM to speak on The Tommy Show about the band's new path to making R&B music, how "Don't Wanna Know" came about, working with Kendrick Lamar, and much more.

Last month, in December, posts and leaked footage of Adam Levine working on a music video with rapper Future and other collaborators surfaced online. The song accompanied with the video being shot is tentatively titled "Cold", and has definitely become a controversial topic among music critics and fans alike. A snippet of the song can be heard in a leaked video posted on Instagram, in which the song sounds like it's held by a bouncy, hip-hop beat. This information has now been closer to being confirmed as Levine revealed the band is collaborating with "successful" artists to make a more R&B-inspired album.

Our highlights from the interview are posted below, but you may listen to the radio show interview with Adam Levine in its entirety as well.

On working with Kendrick Lamar on "Don't Wanna Know":

"Kendrick was kind of like the icing on the cake. He came in later on and just absolutely destroyed it. He's one of the best [...] This guy is the future, you know?"

On working with other songwriters:

"Well, I used to do it on my own and then I started getting help and I've been lucky and fortunate enough to write with some amazing songwriters. To be totally truthful, I don't like [to write as much] as I used to. My secret would probably be staying as humble as possible because you can't do it forever on your own. You know once I started to open up my mind to working with other writers, the success kind of started continuing to move forward. Look, you can't always be a 21 year old heartbroken kid. And I think that in order to write your best material, and you're gonna do it alone, you have to dig super deep in able to do it alone. It's all about timing."

On the state of Maroon 5's new album:

"[The album will come out] soonish, I think. I don't ever want to let the concept of the album die because I think that albums are really important [...] but I will say this, we do have an amazing collection of songs that we've been compiling for about six months and I think is some of our best material ever and I actually think it's going in a much more... look since I was 20, I've always wanted to make an R&B record. And I will tell you it is starting to lean more and more in that direction. So, it's gonna be, I think, our best collection of songs. As to when each of them will come out, and how, I don't know yet because we're still just recording them individually and probably gonna release a couple more before we put an album out, but I will say that I've never been more excited about the material that we have at this point."

On the current state of the album's collaborations:

"I genuinely believe the people who I am working with right now are basically the best, the only people anyone should be working with. They've succeeded to a certain degree but at the same time still are much more approved and we're all just super hungry and I think they're making the best music out there. And with what we bring to the table and what they bring to the table, it's a really special combination. We've never narrowed it down to [a small team]. We're going small this time [...] we're gonna have very minimal outside people come in and there's really a nice self-focused team."


Maroon 5 score 9th No. 1 Pop Songs single with 'Don't Wanna Know'

Maroon 5 photographed in 2014.
"Don't Wanna Know" scores Maroon 5 their ninth chart-topper on the Billboard Pop Songs charts and Kendrick's second

It was reported on Tuesday (Jan. 17) that Maroon 5 have finally topped the U.S. Billboard Pop Songs chart, moving up from the No. 2 spot this week to No. 1 with their tropical Kendrick Lamar-assisted hit single, "Don't Wanna Know". The song scores the pop rock band their ninth No. 1. single on the the chart, further extending Maroon 5's national record for being the musical group with the most No. 1 singles on the tally. "Don't Wanna Know" topping the Pop Songs chart also scores Kendrick his second-ever chart-topper following his 2015 feat with Taylor Swift on the single "Bad Blood".

Maroon 5 are close to becoming the No. 1 musical act in the U.S. to have the most chart-topping Pop Songs singles. Pop sensations Rihanna and Katy Perry are currently tied for having the most chart-toppers on the tally with 11.

Billboard also reports that Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, who is returning as a coach on NBC's The Voice in February for season 12, has scored two chart-toppers as a solo artist with the musical acts R. City ("Locked Away") and Gym Class Heroes ("Stereo Hearts").

Watch Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar perform on the AMAs below: