New Maroon 5 single and video planned for 2017

Adam Levine pictured with Future and others on the set of a new music video, shot in December 2016.
The new single, tentatively titled "Cold", is allegedly coming out early next year

A rumor mill struck the web on Thursday (Dec. 22) that pop rock band Maroon 5 had filmed a music video for a brand new single, allegedly titled "Cold", according to several sources on Twitter and Instagram. Leaked behind-the-scenes footage of the music video shoot was uploaded to Instagram and shared all over the internet today and you can distinctly hear Levine's voice crooned over a bouncy-R&B/hip hop beat in a nightclub.

The news started with a post made by actress and fitness guru Kerstin Schulze on Instagram on Thursday morning, which was a photo of herself and Adam Levine (with his brand new blonde hair look). The description reads "It was such a pleasure to work with him on his new Maroon 5 music video 'Cold'." It continued to read, "[...] he is an athlete himself and we shared knowledge on training and what it takes to be mentally and physically fit. He is solid, I know since I had to pick him up." See the full post embedded for you below.

Later on, a Maroon 5 fan account (by the name of @maroon5damn) posted a clip containing footage of someone recording behind the scenes of the alleged Maroon 5 music video, in which you can faintly hear Levine singing over a hip hop beat. Check out that post below.

At this point, other additional information about the song and its music video started to surface on Instagram, including a post made by independent film director Danny Boyent, where he posted a photo of him and Levine outside of a mansion exchanging words. The description read "Blessed to be apart of this project. Look out for the new Adam Levine [featuring] Future music video." This made fans skeptical whether or not the video and song are for Maroon 5 or if it is solely a Levine and Future collaboration. Another post made by the same director went live on Instagram shortly after, with a photo of Levine stepping into a vehicle; the description said: "One of our exotics featured on the new Adam Levine music video featuring Future." You can see the first of these two posts embedded below.

So, since nothing has been officially revealed by the label or the band yet, that leaves the question... what is Maroon 5 up to? Is this new "Cold" single going to be the beginning of a new chapter for the band? Or is it an entirely different project that Future and Levine are strictly on? When will this video and song be out for the world to hear? These are the details we are waiting to see. Online music critics and fans are speculating that the song will be the lead single off the band's highly anticipated sixth studio effort, the follow-up to their fifth album V (2014), set to be released next year. Others believe that Future is putting out a new song that just features Levine on the hook.

Until further notice, all we can confirm at the moment is that Adam Levine and Future recorded a new music video for a song, tentatively titled "Cold", which involved fitness guru and actress Kerstin Schulze and rapper Future.

Stay tuned. More news to come.

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  1. I desperately hope this is just an Adam Levine single. Their guitarist has been advertising their next album as darker and more stripped down. I know the sound is darker in the clip, but a hip hop beat with Future?? Gross. Maybe if Levine releases a solo album and includes "Don't Wanna Know" on it, I'd be a little more on board.

  2. I definitely think it'll be an Adam and Future thing. None of the other band members are there (they're in every Maroon 5 video) plus this doesn't exactly sound more stripped as indicated by James Valentine. Either way it sounds cool but a bit too hip hop to be Maroon 5

    1. It kinda reminds of one more night and give a little more ( as far as the melody goes)

  3. That's what I'm thinking. Adam has done plenty of hip hop collaborations over the years. Though that's not usually my cup of tea, I've never minded as he can collaborate with whoever he wants. I just wanna see Maroon 5 cut back on the over production.

    1. Sure, I see where you're coming from. I personally dont mind stuff like animals or it was always you , the voice effevts in dwk kinda bugged me as it sounds better and more meaningful with guitar. Im just really excited to see what they bring in 2017

    2. It Was Always You was fantastic. The original live version or Don't Wanna Know was with guitar throughout the whole thing, which I thought was awesome wish they woulda kept the recording like that.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hey, how did you listen to the original recording? Or are you just speaking of the live version?


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