Maroon 5 to possibly shoot music video in Cuba

Photo from MTV.
Cuban news journalists leak announcement regarding Maroon 5's new single and video

Maroon 5 fans have been eagerly waiting for the pop rock group to release a new single all summer long ever since longtime member Jesse Carmichael revealed that they just wrapped up a new song in the studio and would be putting it out this summer. Now, recently, news has struck surrounding a new Maroon 5 music video.

A now deleted article from Cibercuba published earlier this month revealed that the band were to shoot footage for a music video for their next song in Cuba. Other reports were made by music journalists in Cuba as well. Another article, posted by Cuba Holidays, states the band is possibly planning on shooting their music video for their next song on August 13th and August 14th in Cuba.

Read the statement below:

According to the Cuban news site [Cibercuba], the U.S. band is gearing up for the shooting of a videoclip in Havana with announced dates for the filming on 12th and 13th August.

The source also reveals that all members of Maroon 5 are currently in the process of obtaining their visas for travel to Cuba with all arrangements still in the works but so far they have pre-selected two locations for the video shoot; with one of them being the house of Oscar-nominated Cuban actor, Jorge Perrugoria in Jaimanitas and the other not disclosed as of yet. 
All the details known and revealed so far have been unveiled by sources close to the production team and their counterparts in Havana.

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