Watch Adam Levine in the Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping trailer

The Lonely Island filming with Adam Levine in 2013.
Adam Levine, among several others, star in the new Lonely Island film

The Lonely Island, a comedy hip hop group most famously known for their cameo on Saturday Night Live skits, lead by actor Andy Samberg, just revealed the new trailer for their upcoming musical comedy POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING.

The movie is primarily based around the character, world famous rapper Connor4Real (portrayed by Samberg), and his declining music career. Cameo appearances in the film include Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, Usher, DJ Khaled, Carrie Underwood, Martin Sheen, Snoop Dogg, Will Forte, Seal, P!nk, among numerous others.

Throughout the trailer, a song currently unknown of the title plays in which features Adam Levine on vocals. Levine is depicted as a hologram in the film whilst performing on stage alongside Connor4Real.

Levine collaborated on a comedy single, titled "YOLO", back in 2013 for a Saturday Night Live digital short. The single also features rapper Kendrick Lamar and appears on The Lonely Island's third studio album, The Wack Album.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is set to premiere in theaters on June 3, 2016 by Universal Studios.

Watch the trailer:


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