Maroon 5's Biggest Moments of 2013: The Results

Maroon 5 performing on the U.S. Honda Civic Tour.
What were some of Maroon 5's biggest moments of the year? 

Well as the year is coming to a successful close, we know that this has been one of pop rock group Maroon 5's most insane year's ever touring around the world with acts such as Kelly Clarkson and the 'Voice' season 1 winner Javier Colon and headlining the 12th annual Honda Civic Tour. The band scored the largest selling and most successful Adult Pop and Adult Contemporary songs of the year thanks to their Coldplay-esque hit "Daylight" and their dance-pop groove anthem "Love Somebody."

Now, you the fans have voted on our Survey Monkey poll for the past two weeks, and it's time to see the results.

Best Maroon 5 Single as of this Year?

Remember the Daylight Project? A project Maroon 5's management launched in the fall of 2012 to get Maroon 5 fans with deep and aspiring stories to share them with the world and get a chance to be featured on the band's music video for "Daylight"? Well with approximately 29% of all votes from 165 accounted voters, the soft rock chart topper was acclaimed your favorite Maroon 5 single as of the past year. "Daylight" was written by singer Adam Levine, Max Martin, and Mason Levy and was produced by Martin and MdL. It served as the band's third mainstream single from their 2012 No. 2 peaking fourth studio album, Overexposed. It topped the Billboard Year-End Adult Pop and Contemporary Songs charts this year and got Maroon 5 to the top of the Adult Artists Year-End chart as well. To date, the 9 minute and 35 seconds music video has grossed just under 12 and a half million views on YouTube and VEVO.  You can watch the music video by clicking on this link now. And for the record, your votes showed that "Love Somebody" was in 2nd place with 25%, "Payphone" in 3rd place with 17%, "One More Night" in 4th place with 16%, and last place was "Lucky Strike" with just 13%.

Best Maroon 5 Album?

With a grand total of 42% of your votes, Maroon 5's 2012 pop radio influenced mere chart topper Overexposed was chosen as the best Maroon 5 album of the past year. In June of 2012, the band released the fourth studio album and Hands All Over follow-up on the 26th and sold just over 220,000 copies within the first week of being released and fell short of No. 1 behind Linkin Park's album Living Things, in July. The album become one of the biggest pop statements of 2012 becoming nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards and spawning 4 chart topping hit singles including the 9 week No. 1-running Hot 100 hit "One More Night." The album's lead single "Payphone" sold over 400,000 copies upon it's first week release in April of 2012 and topped the Digital Songs chart and became the fastest selling hit of the year. "Daylight" served as it's third single and topped the Billboard AC charts for over a month beating out the likes of Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, and The Lumineers. The fourth and final single "Love Somebody" became a top 40 successor in the U.S. and the United Kingdom throughout the summer of 2013. In support, the band toured the world includingtheir sold out Overexposed North American Tour and their headlining Honda Civic Tour in the summer and fall of 2013. According to your votes, in 2nd place was the Songs About Jane: 10th Anniversary Package with 34%, in 3rd place was Hands All Over with 18%, 4th place being It Won't Be Soon Before Long with 6%, and humiliatingly last place went to The B-Side Collection with 0% of all votes.

Best Maroon 5 Song?

Don't get this category confused with best Maroon 5 single, as for this was an open voters poll where you could type in literally any song you wanted to. With 165 responses, "Sunday Morning" was your pick for your favorite Maroon 5 song. The Songs About Jane number was released in 2005 supported by Adult contemporary radio airplay. It follows the band's hit "She Will Be Loved" and "Must Get Out" was released the year after. There was no percentage, however it was obvious over 50% of all responses were favored for "Sunday Morning."

Favorite Maroon 5 tour?

Supported by 34 shows around the United States and 4 opening acts including Kelly Clarkson, Tony Lucca, PJ Morton, and Rozzi Crane, 43.88% of all votes favored the 12th annual Honda Civic Tour. The tour carried on from early August to early October. The tour opened up in Maryland Heights and concluded in Los Angeles, California. Coming in a close 2nd place was the U.S. Overexposed Tour with Neon Trees and Owl City with just 42.86%. In 3rd place was the Overexposed European Tour with PJ Morton and Robin Thicke with 7.14%, and fourth place was the Overexposed South American Tour with Javier Colon with 3.06%. 

Favorite Moment of 2013?

Would it come to you as a shock that you voted for Adam Levine beholding the title of Sexiest Man Alive for the biggest moment of 2013? Come on. Just last month, the Maroon 5 singer and The Voice coach and mentor (and recent winner of season 5) was crowned Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to acclaim the unofficial award, he thanked his predecessors such as George Cloony and Brad Pitt for being usually sexier than him and Ryan Gosling for "consistently turning this down" year after year. Watch it here. By the way, the least voted favorite event of the year was Adam Levine's voice acting role on Family Guy and Adam saying "I hate this country" on The Voice.''

Favorite (Upcoming) 2014 event?
Maroon 5's promo photo for 2014.
Over 160 votes were casted and with 56% of all votes... Maroon 5's upcoming fifth studio album was your favorite thing to look forward to in 2014. Many confirmations of the band working on a fifth studio effort have happened in the past year with news outlets such as MTV and Billboard. In 2nd place was Jesse Carmichael's return as keyboardist with 25% and 3rd place was Adam Levine's 2 weddings with 10%.

Take a look at where Maroon 5 charted on the Billboard Year-End charts here:

Also, see where Maroon 5 was listed on Billboard's top 25 tours of 2013:


The Voice Season 6: Adam Levine and Usher Battle, Shakira Returns

Adam, Shakira, Black, Usher, and Carson Daly.
The Voice season 6 sneak peek is finally here and we see a lot of Usher and Shakira 

On the season finale of The Voice season 5 a few weeks back, we caught a slim glimpse of the Voice season 6 and what it was like to have Usher and Shakira return in place of Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green.

This will be country singer Blake Shelton and Maroon 5 front man and Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine's sixth run at the show and rumor has it, according a Pup Fresh report earlier this year, that it will be their last running season as coaches. But it is yet to be confirmed.

The Voice season 6 premiered on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 8/7pm CPT only on NBC!

Watch the sneak peak below:


The Voice Recap: Tessanne Crowned the Winner, Adam Levine's Second Win

'Voice' contestants performing on The Voice season 5 on NBC.
Will Champin comes in 3rd while Tessanne Chin wins the 'Voice' and earns Adam Levine his 2nd win

Tonight (Dec. 17) on the explosive season 5 finale of NBC's television show The Voice, Jamaican singer and songwriter Tessanne Chin was crowned the winner of The Voice, and earned coach and judge Adam Levine his second seasonal win. Levine's other contestant Will Champlin landed a spot in 3rd place. So many insane performances were seen tonight by pop superstars Ne-Yo, Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga as well as globa musical icon Celine Dion, along with the top 20 contestants returning for a final performance.

For more on The Voice season 5 finale, click here:

Also, The Voice returns with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher, and Shakira on February 24 on NBC!

Watch the 4 original coaches perform "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard on The Voice:


Adam Levine, Tessanne Perform 'Let It Be' on The Voice

Adam Levine and Tessanne on The Voice during the Blind Auditions in 2013.
Adam Levine and Tessanne Chin rock the 'Voice' stage with some Beatles

On Monday evening (Dec. 16), coach and judge Adam Levine took the stage with his fellow contestant Tessanne Chin to perform the Beatles hit single "Let It Be" on the 'Voice' stage. Last year, Levine performed the classic Beatles single "Yesterday" with former runner-up Tony Lucca on The Voice and recieved many positive reviews.

You can purchase all of The Voice finale performances on iTunes:

Also, make sure you watch The Voice season 5 finale tomorrow at 9/8pm CT only on NBC!

Watch Adam and Tessanne perform "Let It Be" below:


Maroon 5 Makes Top 25 Tours of 2013 List

Adam Levine.
Maroon 5 makes it at No. 18 on the Billboard list of the top 25 tours of 2013

As announced earlier this week, Billboard magazine unleashed the ultimate year-end articles, charts, and successes on their website including the top best-selling singles, albums, and in this case, tours of 2013.

Maroon 5 made on Billboard's list of the top 25 tours of the past year or so in ode to their 2 headlining showcases; the North American Overexposed Tour with openers Neon Trees and Owl City and the U.S. Honda Civic Tour with openers Kelly Clarkson, Tony Lucca, Rozzi Crane, and fellow member and now Grammy-nominated PJ Morton. 

So where did the Los Angeles based pop rock group chart on the Billboard list of top 25 tours of 2013? Drum roll please... at No. 18. That's better than last year's position at No. 86 on Rolling Stone's top 100 tours of 2012. Maroon 5 beats our the likes of Artpop star Lady Gaga and pop crooner Bruno Mars, in which both artists leaches under 50 million in total gross. Maroon 5 made a total gorss of $54,354,974 including the attendance of nearly 940,000 people, venue capacities of 933,900, and played a total of 60 shows (57 of them being sold out).

For the full list of the top 25 tours according to Billboard, click here:

See where Maroon 5 charted on Billboard's year-end charts below:


Maroon 5 on the Year-End Charts: Where Do They Stand?

Maroon 5 touring on the Overexposed U.S. Tour in 2013.
Maroon 5 spotted topping the Adult Pop and Adult Contemporary Year-End Billboard charts

NOTE: These are Year-End charts & NOT this week's chart updates for Maroon 5.

2013 is coming to an incredible close as this whole year in music has been overwhelming and successful. As specially for Maroon 5. The Los Angeles based pop rock group has been accounted for in approximate 13 Billboard year-end charts this year, including Top Artist and Hot 100 Artist. After a phenomenal year on the charts with their chart topping Coldplay-esque "Daylight" and their dance-pop filled "Love Somebody" singles, the band topped 2 of their overall 13 appearances on the year-end charts. Let's take a good look, now.

On the Top Artists year-end chart, Maroon 5 is found sitting at No. 10 on the chart behind the likes of Miley Cyrus, One Direction, and the No. 1 artist, Bruno Mars (in which has toured with the band in the past) and are in front of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and future Overexposed European tour opener Robin Thicke (who sits at No. 19). On the Hot 100 Artist year-end chart, Maroon 5 hits home at No. 8 on the chart. On other Billboard year-end chart notes, the pop rock group charts at No. 19 on the Radio Songs Artists chart, at No. 12 on the Digital Songs Artists chart, sits at No. 2 on the Pop Songs Artists chart, and tops both the Adult Pop Artists and Adult Contemporary Artists charts. 

Looking back in the past at Maroon 5's singles that gingerly took over the year, "Daylight" and "Love Somebody" are found on numerous year-end charts this year, including the Pop Songs and Hot 100 Songs charts. "Love Somebody" is charted at No. 51 on the Hot 100 Songs chart, at No. 15 on the Radio Songs chart, No. 68 on the Digital Songs chart, No. 14 on the Adult Contemporary Songs chart, and at No. 5 on the Adult Pop Songs year-end chart. The single "Daylight" is charted at No. 35 on the Hot 100 Songs chart, No. 17 on the Radio Songs chart, at No. 44 on the Digital Songs chart, No. 10 on the Pop Songs chart, at No. 6 on the Adult Pop Songs chart, and No. 3 on the Adult Contemporary Songs year-end chart.

Maroon 5, Love Somebody (Music Video):

Maroon 5's biggest 2012 hits are also seen on the the Billboard Year-End charts of 2013 this year, as "Payphone" makes a surprising appearance on the year-end Adult Contemporary Songs chart and the band's former 9 week No. 1 single "One More Night" appears on the Hot 100 Songs chart at No. 38, on the Digital Songs chart at No. 60, and at No. 19 on the Adult Contemporary year-end Songs chart. 

Well, that's it! That's where Maroon 5 is charted on this year's Billboard Year-End charts! We'll be posting our Top 5 Most Successful Moments of 2013 by Maroon 5 later this week as well.

For more year end chart news, click on the link here:

See who is this year's Artist of the Year below:

Year End Charts:

Top Artist: #10

Hot 100 Songs: "Daylight" at #35, "One More Night" at #38 & "Love Somebody" at #51

Hot 100 Artists: #8

Radio Songs: "Love Somebody" at #15 & "Daylight" at #17

Radio Songs Artists: #19

Digital Songs: "Daylight" at #44, "One More Night" at #60 & "Love Somebody" at #68

Digital Songs Artists: #12

Pop Songs: "Daylight" at #10

Pop Songs Artists: #2

Adult Contemporary Songs: "Daylight" at #6, "Love Somebody" at #14, "One More Night" at #19, "Payphone" at #34

Adult Contemporary Artists: #1

Adult Pop Songs: "Daylight" at #3 & "Love Somebody" at #5

Adult Pop Artists: #1

Adam Levine Talks with Conan About His Sexiest Man Alive Title

Adam Levine.
Adam Levine jokes with Conan about his recent title of being the Sexiest Man Alive

On Thursday (Dec. 12), Maroon 5 singer and the 'Voice' judge Adam Levine made an appearance on The Conan O'Brien Show to briefly talk about his recent title of being People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, as reported in November. Conan and Levine end up joking around about the title and talk about how the singer was more confident in junior high than he actually is today.

You can watch the brief interview here:


Adam Levine Plays 'Heads Up' on The Ellen Show

Adam Levine on the Ellen Show in 2013.

Adam Levine stopped by The Ellen Show to talk about the 'Voice' and his engagement, however decided to play a game with the daytime show host

Last week, Maroon 5 front man and the 'Voice' judge and mentor Adam Levine appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show to talk about his role on the NBC hit television show, his engagement with soon-to-be wife Behati Prinsloo, and also about his clothing line and fragrance collection. They each had time to play a quick game of the number-one best selling app Heads Up on the show as well.

Watch Adam and Ellen play Heads Up below:

Behati Prinsloo Talks Wedding Plans with 'Sexiest Man Alive'

Behati Prinsloo in 2013.
Adam Levine's fiancee talks about wedding plans with Sexiest Man Alive, why they broke up a while back

Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the big show tonight and being engaged to the Sexiest Man Alive, Adam Levine.

As for what Behati sees in him, she jokes: “I ask myself that everyday.” The duo surprised everyone with their engagement back in July after making if official after a short break.

”I think he figured that one out. He needed time to realize that,” Behati says about why she thinks they broke up and then got back together only to get engaged soon after. “But he’s awesome and we’re very happy and we just get each other and I think we realized that after a while.” Not to mention, she adds, “He’s the Sexiest Man Alive!” So what’s their plan for the big day? For one thing, Behati admits: “[Well] we’re not having two weddings, I can just tell you that, that was a rumor that started from I don’t know who.”

Listen to the full interview below:


PJ Morton Nominated for Best R&B Song at Grammy Awards

PJ Morton.
Maroon 5 keyboardist is nominated for Best R&B Song at the 2014 Grammy's

On the evening of Friday, December 6 singer and songwriter PJ Morton was announced that he was nominated for the Grammy award for Best R&B Song for his single "Only One." The song is assisted with blues singer Stevie Wonder and is found as the fronting single for Morton's debut major label record, New Orleans, which was released in May of this year.

Pop rock group Maroon 5 was not confirmed any nominations at the Grammy Nomination Concert tonight (Dec. 6). Last year, the band was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album for Overexposed, however lost to Kelly Clarkson's album Stronger.

See the full list of nominations for the 56th annual Grammy Awards here:

Watch the Grammy Awards broadcast live on Jan. 26 on CBS.

Also, listen to PJ Morton's Grammy-nominated single "Only One", ft. Stevie Wonder below:


Maroon 5 Scrap 'Lucky Strike' As Single, Plan on Early Album Release

James Valentine.
James Valentine explains that Maroon 5's next record could come "sometime before Spring"

Last month, Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine said that the pop rock group were indeed somewhat far in to writing and recording their follow-up record to the band's 2012 platinum album Overexposed, and may be released early next year. However, earlier this week rumors circulated the web that the band were scrapping the Ryan Tedder-produced hit "Lucky Strike" as the group's fifth single from Overexposed. Earlier this week, according to celebrity blog Hollywood Life, the guitarist talked with the Gossip blog briefly about band mate Adam Levine's busy life as a coach on The Voice and recently being titled "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine.

Valentine was asked about Maroon 5's upcoming project and the musician spoke about it stating: "The album is about there. Just a little bit longer. We're looking at a release sometime before Spring." After responding he was asked about if the band were to be expecting a Grammy nomination, and he said: "I surely hope so. We were flattered last year just to be apart of everything."

Make sure you vote for Maroon 5 for the People's Choice Awards below:

Watch Maroon 5's video for "Love Somebody" below:

Adam Levine Talks About 'Sexiest Man Alive' Title with Ellen

Adam Levine on the Ellen Show in 2013.
Adam Levine sat down on the Ellen Show to talk about his fiancee, The Voice & his title as Sexiest Man Alive

On Thursday, December 5, Maroon 5 singer and 'Voice' coach and mentor Adam Levine made an appearance on The Ellen Show to talk about his role as a coach on The Voice, his engagement with fiancee and Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, and how life has been since he gained the title of Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.

You can watch the full interview below:


Maroon 5 on Victor Lin's 'Made in 2013' Pop Mashup

Maroon 5 in 2013.

Maroon 5's "Daylight" & "Love Somebody" on Victor Lin's best of Pop 2013 video

Last year, pop rock group Maroon 5 was featured on DJ Earworm's Best of Pop 2012 video mashup with "Payphone" and "One More Night", now this year the L.A. group is featured on Victor Lin's popular mashup video. 

Make sure you're voting for Maroon 5 for you Favorite Band for the PCA's:

You can check it out below: