'The Voice' to Return Next Spring, With All Original Coaches

The Voice is currently ahead of their first week in the run of it's third season, and it's second season this year. It was announced yesterday on Billboard that the hit television show will be returning next Spring for a fourth season on NBC. And to top that all off, all four original coaches are planned to keep their occupants as coaches/judges. 

The show's producer and CEO, Mark Burnett, commented on the new season

"It's going to be moving pieces all the time. And luckily maybe a couple of them go on tour, a couple of them don't go on tour," Burnett adds, saying it's his nightmare. "They have an obligation to their fans. And so that's how we're going to do it."

With this current, new season having new changes and switch-ups in course, being the new "knockout round" where any four coaches can snag anyone elses contestants off their team, this season is planned to be a four month-long run, rather than it's original three. 

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