Maroon 5 Makes 'Daylight Project' Global

Maroon 5 want YOUR films. They're there you from all over the world and you've made a difference. So, because you mean the world to them, they are going global!

Get going people! Send in your films wherever you may be in the world! But hurry, the deadline is still October 1st!

Click here to submit your videos & watch others:

Follow the action on Twitter as well:

A call to action to you around the globe, The Daylight Project is a video to be created by the population. We and Jonas Akerlund are looking for people from everywhere to come out and share their story – their testimony to life. Said Adam, “As different as we all are there are common themes that bring us together, inspire and show everyone what is important today,” added Akerlund, “With this video, we’ll present the world today and beyond, creating more than just a music video. The heartbeat of this project will be Maroon 5’s ‘Daylight.’”

Over the next several days, you can visit for more information and to submit a video. Submissions are being accepted NOW. The deadline to submit will be October 1st.

Watch all the "Call-Out" videos in one video below:


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