"Hands All Over" & "Never Gonna Leave" Speculation!

Wikipedia and other cites have said that "Stutter" would be the third single off the Maroon 5 album Hands All Over. Now, there are speculations that the track "Hands All Over" will be released as a single off the album Hands All Over. On December 22nd, 2010 it was posted on Maroon 5's U.K. commentary that it was released as a single. Airwaves in France, Germany, and Spain have air-played "Hands All Over" as a single by Maroon 5. On December 23rd, 2010, the video for "Hands All Over" was released and spread thoughts of this song have it be the third single rather than previously leaked "Stutter".
United Kingdom & Australia's single cover for "Hands All Over"

"Hands All Over" was released December 22nd, 2010 in U.K. and Australia and god knows when in the U.S.A. or N. America.

It was also speculated that "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" was gonna take the spotlight from "Stutter" have a video & single released in February 2011. No info has been official announced or confirmed yet from the band or any closer sources. 

Overall, "Hands All Over" and "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" are the next possible two singles from the Maroon 5 album Hands All Over.


Hands All Over - Video Premier!

Hands All Over Music Video - Premiered December 23rd online EVERYWHERE! Watch the video below!

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Hands All Over Music Video PREMIER!

In early December 2010, it was said briefly  that the group would be making a video for their upcoming single, formly known as "Stutter". Now, it is said that a track from the album called "Hands All Over" would be a possible third single to the titled Hands All Over album. However, it stays remained that "Stutter" may be a possible single off the album that will to be released around early 2011. Updates and news have changed in the past month or two about "Stutter" and more information about "Hands All Over" is coming out fast out-of the media!

Maroon 5 premiered the video for "Hands All Over" on December 22nd, 2010 on their website & YouTube channel. On December 23rd, 2010 it was released on Yahoo! Music and other Flash Player websites. The video, for now, is only viewable for viewers that have contained the power of the link and, at the moment, invisible to viewers that would, say, "search it on YouTube".

The link for the video is below! Merry Christmas:



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Maroon 5 NOMINATED for Best Pop Performance @ GRAMMY'S

Maroon 5 is nominated for the 2011 Grammy Awards for Best Pop Performance by a Group or Band for their lead single "Misery". The 2011 53rd annual Grammy Awards will premier on February 13th, 2011. Maroon 5 will be up against the Glee Cast for their "Don't Stop Believing'" single, Paramore's "The Only Exception", Train's "Hey Soul Sister (Live Version)", and Babyfather's "The Sade".

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Maroon 5 TAKES Australia Next Spring!

Next year starting on May 01, 2011... Maroon 5 will take over the wonderful country of Australia performing new songs and hits from their new album HANDS ALL OVER like "Misery", "Give a Little More", "Stutter", and "Never Gonna Leave (This Bed)". The opening tour show will take place @ the Burnswood Dome in Perth, Australia with guest stars like Ry Cuming, Sara Bareilles, and Cobra Starship

Tickets go on sale on November 23rd, 2010 on Maroon 5's home website at http://www.maroon5.com/shows! If you are taken in part of the Fan Club, tickets go on private sale on November 17th, 2010. LINKS are below for more information and to buy tickets!


Maroon 5 NOMINATED for Favorite Rock Band!

This year, Maroon 5 is nominated for the People's Choice Wards 2011! Maroon 5 is up against American idol Daughtry, California based Linkin Park, Canada's Nickelback, and Tennessee based Paramore. Who will win? Hopefully Maroon 5 this year! Go to peopleschoice.com/ to vote for ALL the categories OR click on the link below to vote for Favorite Rock Band.

Stay tuned on January 5th, 2011 to see who will win Favorite Rock Band.

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New Single ANNOUNCEMENT "Stutter" To Be Released!

On November 19th, 2010, it was announced on several blogs and sites that Maroon 5 would be set to release a third single following the two previous Hands All Over singles "Give a Little More" and "Misery". The song to be released is "Stutter", the 3rd track off the album Hands All Over. It is to be notably released in December 2010.

The song was produced by former Phantom Planet member Sam Farrar and country singer Shinia Twain's ex-husband Robert "Mutt" Lange. "Stutter" was written by the talented members of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Matthew Flynn (drums) as well as former Phantom Planet member Sam Farrar.

The song, again, is set to be released in December 2010. More information to be released by Thanksgiving weekend.

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Download "Misery" Music Video FREE

Maroon 5 released their music video for their single "Misery" on July 1st, 2010 on MTV.

Clip shot from Maroon 5's MISERY music video. Download MISERY Vid: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dwdualovtu5pors

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Download "Give A Little More" Video FREE

Maroon 5 released their music video for Give a Little More on 9 September 2010 on Fuse-TV. 

Get the music video for Maroon 5's second Hands All Over single "Give a Little More" now & FREE! Click on the link on the bottom of this post to DOWNLOAD FREE now!

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