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Every Maroon 5 album ranked worst to best

All of Maroon 5's 6 studio albums are ranked worst to best among live and compilation albums Since their inception in 2001, California based band Maroon 5 has come out with a total of 15 releases, which includes EPs, live albums, digital releases, and full-length LPs. However, today, we will be reviewing and ranking 12 of the group's releases, minus three EPs, in order from worst (or least best) to best.
With the release of their sixth studio album Red Pill Blues just months ago, the record has simmered in people's minds long enough to include in overall list such as this one. Albums like Live – Friday the 13th and The B-Side Collection will be included, as well their remix album Call and Response: The Remix Album, among all studio albums.

Beginning with the worst, or least best, Maroon 5 release, it's the band's attempt at releasing a cohesive, appropriate greatest hits album, Sin…

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